[VIDEO] A Year Of The Transcaucasian Expedition in 5 Minutes 22 Seconds

Can you imagine a mountain range as big as the Alps and the Pyrenees combined without a single established trekking route? In 2016, a team of idealistic outdoor enthusiasts in the Caucasus decided to build one…

This film is a a glimpse into an average day in the field for the members of the Land Rover Bursary-supported Transcaucasian Expedition: Tom Allen, Vahagn Vardumyan, Alessandro Mambelli, and their Defender ‘Georgina’. Follow them from sunrise to sunset as they explore and map potential routes for the Transcaucasian Trail, an exciting new long-distance trekking route through Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan along the Greater and Lesser Caucasus mountain ranges.

To find out more about the project, be among the first to hike the trail, or get involved with its creation, visit the Transcaucasian Trail website: transcaucasiantrail.org

Register free for the Transcaucasian Expedition lecture and fundraiser in London on February 1st 2017: transcaucasianexpeditionlecture.eventbrite.co.uk

Produced, Directed & Edited by Dave Katz
Written & Narrated by Tom Allen
Additional Photography by Tom Allen
Featuring Vahagn Vardumyan, Alessandro Mambelli & ‘Georgina’ the Land Rover Defender
Filmed on location in the Geghama Mountains of Armenia
Music courtesy of SoundStripe
Special thanks to the Royal Geographical Society with the Land Rover Bursary
Additional thanks to Paul Stephens and Jeff Haack of the Transcaucasian Trail Association, Osprey Packs, and Alpkit.
Copyright 2016 Tenacity In Pursuit Productions: tenacityinpursuit.com