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Between April and October 2016, an international team of adventurers, cartographers and outdoor experts are exploring and charting in unprecedented detail the rugged backcountry of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, laying the foundations for the north-south route of The Transcaucasian Trail.

The expedition begins on the 26th April, with an overland journey from the UK to the Caucasus. Then, together with local partners in Georgia and Armenia, we’re spending six months making stage-by-stage forays into the mountains in a 4×4 off-road vehicle, which will also serve as a mobile basecamp.

On arrival in each region, we’ll take teams out on foot with GIS equipment to explore and survey the informal network of jeep tracks, animal trails and other backcountry paths. We’ll be consulting local inhabitants and drawing upon the knowledge of local hiking experts to inform the best possible trail route for each stage.

Between stages, we’ll head back to base, publish our mapping data, finalise our prototype for the route segment… and head back out for the next stage. In November, when the hiking season is over, we’ll complete the expedition by returning overland to the UK.

Through social media, we’ll be throwing open the window on our story, and by proxy on the Caucasus itself, an overlooked region with enormous potential for adventure.

You’ll be able to follow our progress live on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as here on the Transcausasian Expedition website – whichever suits you best.