RGS-IBG Land Rover Bursary logo 2016

The Transcaucasian Expedition is primarily supported by the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) with the Land Rover Bursary. The Bursary was first awarded in 2007, offering funding of up to £30,000 and the use of a Land Rover 110 Defender to an expedition team who want to take a journey beyond their limits and boundaries. To find out more about the Bursary, visit www.rgs.org/LandRoverBursary.

The Transcaucasian Trail

Over the next five years, the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT) aims to develop a world-class, long- distance trail network across the Caucasus, linking roughly two dozen existing and proposed national parks in the region. The network will consist of two intersecting trail corridors, each roughly 1,500 km long. One corridor, oriented east to west, will connect the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, and the other, oriented north to south, will connect the Greater Caucasus and the Lesser Caucasus.

The well-marked and well-maintained trails will provide a world-class experience for hikers and other trail users, while increasing economic opportunities for local communities. The TCT will improve access to historic sites and protected areas in the region and raise their profile, so that the natural and cultural heritage of the Caucasus can be enjoyed by future generations. For more information, visit the TCT website at transcaucasiantrail.org.